Algen in der Bretagne

Algae - food of the future

What will we eat in the future? Insects, laboratory meat or algae? Personally, I'm more in favor of seaweed and we've started offering seaweed-based products in our range. What are the benefits of...

Makrele(Fast) alles über die Makrele

(Almost) everything about mackerel

Our mackerel are caught by a trawl. It is a device that works in "open water". With the help of an echo sounder, the fishermen recognize the position of the schools of fish and drag the trawl to ...

Belle-IloiseStrasse der Ölsardinen, Sommer 2013

Cannery Row, Summer 2013

Spontaneously I was able to take 10 days of vacation this summer. Since I've been working with La Belle Iloise for a long time and didn't know Brittany yet, I packed my suitcase and my wife into ...

BaskenlandCoopérative AXURIA

Coopérative AXURIA

THE BEST OF SUCKLE LAMB FOR QUALITY-CONSCIOUS CUSTOMERS The Axuria suckling lamb from the Pyrenees with its exceptional taste quality and other legendary advantages takes a top position, far from...

BlogSaint-Joseph 2007

Saint Joseph 2007

Jaboulet & Perrin! Nicolas Jaboulet Nicolas Jaboulet, one of the most famous North Rhône wine producers, will release his first wine resulting from the joint venture with the Perrin family...

BlogHecht & Bannier

Pike & Bannier

Hecht & Bannier was founded by Gregory Hecht & Francois Bannier in 2002. The cornerstone of this company is the extensive knowledge of vineyards and wine cellars. Each year they visit hund...


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