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The word digestif comes from the French verb digérer, which means to digest. Strictly speaking, it is a schnapps that is supposed to help with digestion. But a digestif is so much more than that...
In France, it is also affectionately called "Pousse-café", which in turn means something like coffee pusher. Which indicates its other function: You can not only enjoy a digestif after a meal to end the meal with relish - it fits also wonderful with coffee and is usually served to elegantly end the coffee gossip!

The dictionary of the Académie Française explains: “The coffee pusher is a small glass of alcohol taken after coffee”.

If you now think that this is an outdated tradition, we would be happy to teach you otherwise: the digestif and coffee pusher is currently experiencing a well-deserved revival. In Asia and the United States, cognac is very trendy again...!

And what can it be for you?
You can choose from numerous varieties from all over the world: liqueur, eau de vie, armagnac, cognac, calvados, cointreau, grand marnier, brandy, amaretto, cocoa cream, whiskey...

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