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Maître Philippe & Filles Team 2018

Maitre Philippe.

Maître Philippe & Filles Berlin brings France to Germany ... at least in culinary terms. The Berlin delicatessen with its extravagant and loving selection of cheese, wine, French delicatessen and many colorful canned fish has been around since 1994 and has since become a real family business. Founded by Philippe Causse, Maître Philippe is increasingly managed by the two daughters Anaïs and Noémie. The necessary support comes from a small, enthusiastic and competent team.

The history.

Philippe, who came to Berlin via detours from Marseille and stayed because of love, can look back on many years of experience in the wine industry and has a knack for good wines. Anaïs, the older daughter, has been working in the shop since January 2010 and will soon join as a junior partner. The younger daughter Noémie has also been involved since 2013 and takes care of the online business. The granddaughter Rosalie, Anaïs' first daughter, made her first steps in the shop, just like her mother and aunt did in one of the predecessor shops that Philippe already had in his early days in Berlin. Maybe one day she'll get in too...?

The philosophy.

The philosophy of Maître Philippe & filles is simple: we only sell products that we ourselves are enthusiastic about. Whether Camembert, Crémant or Cotriade, we taste everything and choose the best. For the cheese range, we have been working together with the well-known Lyon affineur Christian Janier, the gray eminence of cheese, from the very beginning. This is reflected in a convincing range that our customers are enthusiastic about. We only buy wine and preserves from producers that we know personally.

The range.

Since we always put out feelers for new delicacies, our range has now been expanded to include all sorts of other fine products from France. In addition to cheese and wine, at Maître Philippe & filles you will also find pickled olives and fresh sausages, traditionally prepared preserves, fruity jams, various types of honey, oil, vinegar, caramels au beurre salé and small baked goods ... but above all, now also the largest Selection of canned fish from France, Spain and Portugal.

We hope that there is something for you in this selection. And if the decision is difficult, or you are just beginning to discover French delicacies, write to us! We have a few tips up our sleeve...

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