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“Pet Nat” is an abbreviation for “Pétillant Naturel,” which means “naturally sparkling” in French. It is a method of producing naturally sparkling wines, also known as “Méthode Ancestrale”. With this method, the wine is bottled during the first fermentation so that it can continue to ferment in the bottle. This creates natural carbon dioxide, which gives the wine its sparkling quality.

Unlike the traditional method of making Champagne, which first ferments the wine completely and then initiates a second fermentation in the bottle by adding sugar and yeast, the process of making Pétillant Naturel is a single, continuous fermentation process.

Pet Nat wines can be white as well as rosé or red, and they are often cloudy because they are usually not filtered or clarified. They may also have varying levels of residual sugar depending on when the initial fermentation was stopped. These wines are known for their freshness and their lively, often fruity character. They also tend to be lower in alcohol content compared to many other types of wine.

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