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Tuna fishing in the Azores: tradition meets sustainability

Tuna fishing in the Azores is an ancient tradition that remains deeply rooted in the islands' culture to this day. The fishing method, called "jumping and pole fishing" using live bait, is both selective and sustainable, and is in contrast to industrial fishing techniques that pollute the environment.

Selectivity and sustainability:

In jump and pole fishing, a fisherman uses a rod and hook to catch only one tuna at a time. This method makes it possible to specifically catch the target species and avoid bycatch and the catching of juvenile fish.

Tradition and culture:

Tuna fishing in the Azores is more than just a source of income. It is an integral part of the identity of the Azores and its people. Fishing techniques and traditions are passed down from generation to generation and form an important part of the islands' cultural heritage.

Sustainable fishing:

The selective fishing method and the use of live bait help to preserve tuna stocks and protect the marine environment. Tuna fishing in the Azores has therefore been certified as both "Dolphin Safe" and "Friend of the Sea" by the NGO "Earth Island Institute".

Tuna fishing in the Azores combines tradition and sustainability in a unique way. The selective fishing method, which is deeply rooted in the culture of the islands, protects tuna stocks and the marine environment.

This traditional fishing technique can continue to make an important contribution to the livelihoods of the people of the Azores in the future.

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