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Port wine is produced in the Douro Valley region of Portugal and is characterized by its sweet and alcoholic character. Its peculiarity lies in the special manufacturing method.

The grapes for port wine come from different varieties grown in the steep terrain of the Douro Valley. Due to the difficult harvest conditions, the grapes are often harvested by hand.

During the production process, port wine goes through a fermentation phase similar to other wines. However, fermentation is stopped by adding high-proof brandy (aguardente). This increases the alcohol content while retaining the residual sugar in the grapes.

The matured port wine is stored for years in wooden barrels, usually made of oak. During this maturation period, the wine develops complex aromas and flavor nuances.

There are different port wine styles such as Ruby, Tawny, Vintage and Late Bottled Vintage (LBV), each with their own colors, flavor notes and aging processes.

Depending on the style, the level of sweetness varies from dry to very sweet. Ruby Ports are often fruity and sweet, while Tawny Ports tend to be a little drier and can have flavors of nuts and spices.

Port wine is usually enjoyed as a dessert wine, but also goes well with cheese or as an aperitif. Thanks to its rich flavor and high alcohol content, it is usually enjoyed in small quantities to encourage slow tasting.

Port wine is known and loved worldwide due to its unique production method, variety and taste characteristics. It stands as an example of the art of winemaking and has a long tradition in Portuguese culture.

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