Collection: Vegetable treasures of France

Fresh vegetables represent the essence of nature that comes straight from the fields to our tables.

Particularly noteworthy are those specialties that come from unique regions and are known for their exceptional quality and taste.

Roscoff onions, for example, are a real delicacy. They are characterized by their rosy color, their sweet taste and their delicate consistency. Their aroma enchants and enriches every kitchen.

The garlic from Lautrec, with its intense spice and unmistakable note, takes every dish to a new level.

Each of these vegetables tells the story of its origins, the love and care of the farmers who grow them and the traditions they have preserved over the years.

The interplay of climate, soil and expertise makes them true treasures in the world of culinary art.

Gemüseschätze Frankreichs - Maître Philippe & Filles

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