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The Sardinha de Lisboa is a special ceramic figurine made by Bordallo Pinheiro. It pays homage to the traditional Portuguese sardine, which plays an important role in Portuguese cuisine and is a symbol of the country's culture and identity.

The Sardinha de Lisboa is a hand-painted ceramic figurine in the shape of a sardine. It is designed in vibrant colors and decorated with various patterns, designs and motifs. Every year Bordallo Pinheiro creates a new collection of Sardinha de Lisboa figurines, with each design created by Portuguese artists, designers or celebrities. These collections are often produced in limited editions and are popular with collectors and tourists alike.

The Sardinha de Lisboa has become a symbol of the city of Lisbon. During the festivities of Saint Anthony (Santo António), the patron saint of Lisbon, the city's streets are decorated with colorful sardine figures. This festival takes place every year in June and attracts many visitors.

Bordallo Pinheiro's Sardinha de Lisboa embodies the brand's craftsmanship and artistic tradition. It is a popular souvenir for tourists, a collector's item for ceramics lovers and a symbol of Portuguese culture and gastronomy.

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