Collection: Quevedo Port wines - family business - from the Douro

The Quevedo family has owned fields and vineyards for generations. In the 70s and 80s they expanded their business, Quinta da Alegria, and launched as an independent brand in 1991. The business, located in the Douro Valley, is still family-run.

The Quevedos mostly sold their grapes to large companies such as Taylor Port, which underlines their quality. In 1975, Oscar Sr. began producing wine himself, which eventually led the family to San Jõao de Pesqueira.

In 1983 they purchased the Quinta Vale D'Agodinho vineyard, which is now their main property. This is close to the place where famous Port wine personalities were shipwrecked, an event linked to the story of Baron de Forrester and Dona Antónia Ferreira (1861).

In 1991, Quevedo began producing wines under his own name and built a winery. Today more than 100 hectares are cultivated. When Claudia, Oscar's daughter, graduated as an oenologist in 1999, she took over winemaking, while Oscar Jr. is responsible for marketing. Quevedo now exports worldwide.
Quevedo Portweine - Familienbetrieb - aus dem Douro - Maître Philippe & Filles

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