Französischer Zwiebelkuchen mit rosa Zwiebeln aus Roscoff und Ziegenkäse

French onion tart with pink onions from Roscoff and goat cheese

Autumn is here and with it comes the time for cosiness, colorful leaves, home cooking... One of our annual classics is the French onion tart. Just sautéing the pink onions from Roscoff with the hearty vetrêche makes your mouth water. A hint of Piment d'Espelette, creamy sour cream and luscious crème épaisse give this recipe a zesty, creamy freshness. Of course you can also do without, but the topping made of ash goat cheese rounds off the onion cake perfectly.
A delicious cheeseless alternative that we tried as mini tartlets is the pure onion tart, optionally decorated with olives.

In Alsace - as well as in parts of southern Germany - the onion cake is usually drunk with Federweißer. We opt for "normal" white wine, which you are welcome to try while cooking...

    Selles-sur-Cher and thyme

    Melted butter and bacon in the pan

    French onion tart before baking

    Mini tartlets before baking

    Mini tartlets and French onion tart fresh from the oven

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