Maître Philippe & Filles is also available in image and sound ! Here is a small selection of our films:

Les Filles go online _ Télé Gourmet by Maître Philippe & Filles.
Episode 5 "The Older, the Doller. Degrees of Maturity of Cheese"
Cheese is a natural product that is subject to certain fluctuations. For example, cheese changes over time – this is called aging. This short film is about how it changes and which cheeses are good to mature and which ones are not.

Les Filles go online _ Télé Gourmet by Maître Philippe & Filles.
Episode 4 "Good Mold, Bad Mold"
Mold can take on the most adventurous colors and shapes on cheese and is a spooky subject for many. In most cases, the mold is not bad, but absolutely wanted. Just think of the white mold of Camembert or the many delicious blue cheeses... I n this film we explain what types of mold there are and whether you can eat it or not. Have fun watching and don't be afraid of mold!

Les Filles go online – Télé Gourmet by Maître Philippe & Filles.
Episode 3 "Rejuvenation: How best to store cheese"
If you want to stock up on your favorite cheese for the holidays but don't know how to keep it fresh and tasty for as long as possible, then you've come to the right place. In this short film we share our best tips and tricks with you, including how to make an improvised cheese dome... Have fun!

Les Filles go online – Télé Gourmet by Maître Philippe & Filles.
Episode 2 "A pure formality: cutting cheese correctly"
Have you ever experienced that intercultural differences arose on the cheese platter and a dispute broke out about how to cut the cheese correctly? Of course, there's no absolute right or wrong about the whole thing, but we'll explain how it's done in France and what the French think when they don't slice their cheese. Have fun!

Les Filles go online – Télé Gourmet by Maître Philippe & Filles.
Episode 1 "Dish Up: The Perfect Cheese Platter"
If you've always wondered what is important when putting together a cheese platter, you don't have to wait any longer: we'll tell you our tips and tricks for the perfect cheese platter!

Butter with the fish: Asparagus time with Maître Philippe & Filles
Noémie visited Thomas Vetter in his Sardinen.Bar in Berlin-Schöneberg. She accompanies the operator of the first canned fish restaurant in Germany to his kitchen and looks over his shoulder while he prepares asparagus with butter sardines and a foamed hollandaise sauce.

Three kinds of eggs: recipe inspiration for asparagus season. At asparagus time we will show you how to make mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce yourself! We also have a great idea for using all the protein... So get on the stove and have fun!

On the way in Lower Franconia in search of the best ham in Germany. Noémie visits happy acorn pigs, which later become Jamon Iberico Made in Germany...

Annual review 2014/2015: Snapshots of some of the most beautiful events in our shop in Berlin-Wilmersdorf! Thank you everyone for the many wonderful memories!

All cheese: le brie à la truffe. What do you do when you have Brie and fantastic black winter truffles from Périgord on hand? Naturally truffled Brie, an absolute holiday treat!

All cheese: la recette de la tartiflette. Sisters Anaïs and Noémie Causse demonstrate how to prepare a tartiflette, a typical winter cheese dish from Savoie.

All cheese: la recette du vacherin. The sisters Anaïs and Noémie Causse clearly explain how to prepare an original vacherin.

Maître Philippe & Filles at Cheese 2015 on November 1st in the Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg

Festa Portuguesa – our in-house fair with 3 of the most exciting young winemakers from Portugal on October 16th and 17th, 2015

The journey of the vintage sardine - with Noémie in Brittany

Visiting anabela's Kitchen - a culinary excursion in the neighborhood