Überbackene Feigen mit Auberginen-und-Kabeljau-Kaviar - Maître Philippe & Filles

Baked figs with eggplant and cod caviar

Grated figs with aubergine and cod caviar is a unique treat that pairs perfectly with a rosé from Provence.

The combination of sweet, ripe figs and salty cod caviar combine beautifully with the mild aubergine and crunchy topping.

The rosé wine from Provence, known for its fine notes of berries and herbs, harmonises perfectly with this dish. The fresh, dry taste of the wine cuts through the salty note of the caviar and enhances the sweetness of the figs.

Nouvelle Vague rosé Hecht & Bannier

This combination of gratinated figs, aubergines and cod caviar with a cool, crisp rosé from Provence is a wonderful treat, perfect for a special dinner or occasion.

Try it and let yourself be enchanted by the flavors of Provence!

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