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Tuna fillets in olive oil with basil

Tuna fillets in olive oil with basil

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Bonito tuna fillets from the Azores. Fished in a sustainable way.

One of the latest delicious creations from Santa Catarina: fine tuna fillets with basil. An original and close, finely tuned mixture.

Use it to spice up your tomato and other salads, enjoy it on its own on grilled bread or on homemade pizza, with pasta salads or or or... Try what you like - with this tuna you will succeed in everything!

TIP: Also available as a mixed collection of 12 at a special price .

The bonito (Katsuwonus pelamis) is a separate genus that does not belong to the tuna in zoological terms, but is its closest relative, is marketed as such and also tastes very similar.
It is about one meter long and weighs over 20 kilograms. The seven dark longitudinal stripes on the silvery side of the belly are typical. The bonito lives in tropical and subtropical seas, but is also occasionally caught in the North Sea in summer. It is missing in the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.
The species is not endangered around the Azores, where all Santa Catarina fish are caught.

allergens and ingredients

Ingredients:Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis)(65%), olive oil, basil (1.5%), salt.

nutritional values

Net Weight: 120g
Drained weight: 84 g

Nutritional information per 100g

⁕ Calories: 740 kj / 177 kcal
⁕ Fat: 13 g
⁕ Of which saturated fatty acids: 1.0 g
⁕ Carbohydrates: 0 g
⁕ Of which sugar: 0 g
⁕ Egg white: 31 g
⁕ Salt: 1.5 g
⁕ Fiber: 0 g


The Conserveira Santa Catarina is based on the Azores island of Sao Jorge and produces - true to the motto "One man, one rod, one tuna!" – only "dolphin safe" preserves. So only tuna species that are not endangered, such as bonito, are put in the bag ... or in the can. All ingredients are locally caught and grown and processed by hand. No artificial additives are used, but a lot of love and care.

The special thing about the preserves from Santa Catarina are the finely cut pieces, which can be arranged particularly nicely. And the taste of this tuna stands out from conventional preserves: the consistency is tender but firm, the taste is delicately fishy without being overpowering - a special taste experience!

Manufacturer: Santa Catarina – Indústria Conserveira, SA. Rua do Roque, 9 | 9850-079 Calheta, Portugal


jumping and pole fishing

This technique is called "jumping and pole fishing" with live bait because of the characteristics of the procedures based on it and because it uses small live pelagic fish as bait (mackerel, sardines, mackerel, horse mackerel, etc.). As the name suggests, it uses a pole (which varies in size and shape) and the jumping technique, in which the fish is pulled on board with a single movement by jumping. Of course, this maneuver is more difficult with larger fish.

It is an active and dynamic fishery that searches for schools of tuna on the surface of the sea and lures them to the ship with live bait. There are two extremely important factors in this type of fishery: the great greediness of the tuna to feed, which can sometimes lead to frenzy behavior, and the ability of the fisherman to avoid the tuna and lure it to his hook.

One aspect of great interest about tuna fishing in the Azores is that it depends directly on another type of fishing, live bait fishing. In the Azores, this is done with small enclosing nets or "enchelavares" that catch small fish on the shore and store them in large tanks ("tinos") on the ship. Without these small specimens, it would not be possible to lure the large schools of tuna to the surface.

The ecological importance of jumping and pole fishing

Jumping and pole fishing with live bait tuna fishing is an important part of the Azores' social and cultural heritage. Given the global community's concerns about the use of indiscriminate and overly intensive fishing techniques such as drift and trawl nets, live-bait, live-bait tuna fishing should be recognized as a highly selective and environmentally friendly form of fishery as it has no by-catches.

The main reason for this high selectivity is the ease of use by the fishermen of the fishing gear used in the Azores. A person typically uses a pole, line, and hook to catch just one individual at a time. The simplicity of the equipment allows the fisherman to select the target species, thereby avoiding catching younger fish, non-commercial species or species important to conservation efforts.

To recognize and appreciate the ecological value of this fishing technique, the NGO (non-governmental organization) "Earth Island Institute" has been certifying tuna fishing in the Azores as "Dolphin-safe" since 1998 as part of its Azores Fisheries Observation Program (POPA). Recently, the same organization certified the same fishery as one of the first in the world to meet all the criteria for FOS Friend of the Sea certification.


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Santa Catarina - Azoren

Die Conserveira Santa Catarina hat ihren Sitz auf der Azoren-Insel Sao Jorge und produziert – getreu dem Motto "Ein Mann, eine Rute, ein Thunfisch!" – ausschließlich "dolphin safe" Konserven.

So kommen auch stets nur nicht gefährdete Thunfisch-Arten, z.B. Bonito, in die Tüte ... bzw. in die Dose.

Alle Zutaten stammen aus lokalem Fang und lokalem Anbau und werden von Hand verarbeitet. Dabei werden keine künstlichen Zusatzstoffe verwendet, dafür aber viel Liebe und Sorgfalt.

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Thunfischfilets in Olivenöl mit Basilikum - Santa Catarina
Can of 120g
Can of 120g
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Unit price 36,25€  per kg

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