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Maison Martin-Pouret is the oldest artisanal vinegar brewery in the world and the only one that still maintains the traditional Orléans method of making wine vinegar in oak barrels.

Founded in 1797, the establishment was taken over in 2019 by two lovers of French gastronomy who have made it their mission to reawaken the "sleeping beauty".

Both came from large corporations and had spent most of their careers abroad before deciding to return to France to promote the values ​​and know-how of small and medium-sized French companies.

They revised the entire brand strategy with the aim of making it the undisputed reference for quality French condiments both at home and beyond its borders.

The only element that remains unchanged is the traditional method of turning wine into vinegar, which has made this establishment's reputation.

While industrial wine vinegar is produced in less than 48 hours, Martin-Pouret's master vinegar makers take more than a year to produce it, respecting the fermentation and aging times in oak barrels.

Martin Pouret - Essig aus Orléans - Maître Philippe & Filles

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