Blutwurst "Christian Parra" von Anne Rozès mit Püree, Äpfel und Zwiebeln

Black pudding "Christian Parra" by Anne Rozès with puree, apples and onions

As a passionate foodie, I appreciate black puddings in all their variations and am also an avid follower of Basque cuisine, whether it comes from France or Spain.

These regions are known for their excellent regional products, which people are justifiably proud of. I admire how they maintain their culinary traditions and combine them with modern techniques and innovative ideas to create unique taste experiences.

For this reason, I always enjoy going on culinary journeys of discovery and exploring the diversity of Basque cuisine.

This blood sausage leaves a lasting impression. Both by its creator and by its taste. Christian Parra's black pudding still finds imitators on the tables of restaurants looking for Basque flavors, in Paris and elsewhere.

This famous black pudding "has the particularity of not having much blood and if you overdo it it would look more like a black pudding pie", explains Franck Rozès, owner of the Anne Rozès canning factory, who helped Christian Parra launch the marketing of this signature recipe .

A fairly coarse ground beef, "good fat" and no gut, "the can plays that role". "You just take it out, cut about 1 to 2 cm thick slices and put it on the plancha". Very easily.

Here is a "quick plate" for 2 people.

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