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Through the generations, the origin of the word NURI has been associated with the description of "something truly beautiful", "bright as a light", "unique".

Synonymous with the characteristics by which we evaluate the best sardine, at its origin we can identify a sardine worthy of becoming a "NURI" by the shape of its body, the brightness of its eyes, the uniqueness of its Sheds, but above all because we have been doing this with experience, respect and commitment since 1920.

The NURI brand has a cultural heritage of the utmost importance due to its uniqueness, authenticity and value transfer to the consumer (preserved since its creation). As a cultural and exclusive tradition, the originality of each NURI tin is passed down from generation to generation, like the sardine carefully designed by an artist but intended – as a work of art – to be appreciated by all special places.

Nuri by Pinhais - Maître Philippe & Filles

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