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Conservas La Brújula from Galicia, Spain, specializes in the production of canned products made from high-quality seafood.

The company selects strictly seasonal fish and seafood exclusively from the Cantabrian Sea and the Galician coast, which ensures freshness and quality as well as supporting sustainable fishing practices.

The processing is done entirely by hand, from cleaning to packaging, to preserve the natural flavors and nutritional value of the products.

La Brújula combines this artisan tradition with modern technology to monitor quality, such as controlling cooking times and temperatures to guarantee optimal sterilization at the lowest possible temperatures.

The company's products, known for their excellent quality and attractive packaging, are free of stabilizers or artificial additives and instead use natural ingredients such as onions, peppers and olive oil.

These preserves, which reflect Spain's culinary heritage, enjoy great popularity in gourmet circles.

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