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Conceito wines from the Douro

At Conceito we care about time and distance. The time comes from far away, because in the 1940s the family started growing wine. The distance has not decreased, the upper Douro has always been far from everything. Modernity has compressed all of this.

Vineyards in the Douro

Distances and times are solved with simple solutions. Streets, driveways, neighborhoods. Our dream was to bottle the mixture of sun and soil and to take this terroir out into the world. Love for our country, love for our work.

Suddenly, our wines - the synthesis of our place and our dedication - were going around the world, pouring into glasses on tables everywhere. We traveled with them and always looked forward to returning home. From every trip we brought a new dream, a new destination. Sometimes a friendship, sometimes a wine, a project on another continent, a new learning experience fused with that of our country.

Distances are shorter today and time is projected into the future. In every bottle that we set aside knowing there will be more in a year, five years, ten years. And then to wait those ten years and enjoy the waiting by quietly enjoying our beliefs. Always with one foot in the Douro, always our heritage, our pride and our responsibility. Portugal in the world that seeks new ways through the seas and takes our land with it.

Time and distance blur in a whirlpool, and all that remains is a feeling, goosebumps, a concept, just Conceito.

Anyone who tastes a Conceito wine feels its essence on the palate. Our love for nature, respect for the characteristics of the climate and soil and the ambition to always give the best that our land can produce are present.

Behind the subtlety of flavors lies the wisdom of balancing experimentation and tradition, respecting old vines, trusting in the longevity of the wines and finding a refreshing profile that you not only want to taste but also want to drink.

Rita and Manuel tasting Conceito

Our wines have soul because they are authentic, but also because they carry the consequence of a wine project that connects us to the local community, in partnership with shepherds and farmers who encourage organic and natural production in the area .

Over the years our offer has grown into a varied range of red and white wines, grape varieties of different origins, Port wines and even a sparkling wine. What remains are our principles: precision, objectivity, elegance, respect for nature and its cycles. Light wines, but profound. Appetizing but long lasting. reserved, discreet, but generous and sophisticated.

Purity, elegance and authenticity is our motto. It's not an empty motto. It is a life program, a blueprint, a commitment to our country, our collaborators, our customers and our friends.

Conceito team

Purity means that our wine is based on the vine, on the grapes, on which we put all our effort and knowledge. It means commitment to our land, to the future, to the legacy we build every day when we choose not to use chemicals, leave a clean ecological footprint, believe in our terroir and maintain it in sustainable harmony .

Elegance is the definition of our location, the freshness that the altitude gives us, the oenology that, with little intervention, creates the link between the love for our vineyards and the pleasure that we want to find in the glass and on the table. This integration, balance and smoothness, the refreshing touch of our wines, the desire to drink another glass and savor the refined delicacy of aromas and flavors are the compass that guides us in our work.

Authenticity represents our belief that this exceptional terroir can produce remarkable wines that transcend geographical and bureaucratic barriers, calling cards from our little corner of the Douro to the whole world.

Rita Ferreira Marques

Rita is the face of Conceito. Rita is the soul of Conceito. Rita's entry into the family business run by her mother, Carla Ferreira, was the cornerstone of Conceito, the bridge that allowed her to combine history with the ambition to create new brands, just as Rita herself combines youth with wisdom, technical knowledge with intuition .

Disappointed by mechanical engineering, Rita chose the path of land and wine. After training in oenology in Vila Real and Bordeaux, she carefully chose her career path, learning and working side-by-side with some of the world's most influential winemakers in some of the world's most fascinating terroirs: Bordeaux, California, South Africa, New Zealand.

Wines from Conceito

The return to the Douro brought Rita further growth. From oenologist she became a manager who allowed her to build a coherent, ambitious and dynamic team. Always making wines that reflect their personality. Or rather, the way her personality interprets the places. The result is unique wines: personal, passionate, fresh. Visions of transportation from the raw earth to the table, to the meal, to the social gathering. Rita is the chief oenologist, chef, administrator, commercial manager, wine ideologist, agricultural director, strategist, export director, face, body, members of the company - Rita is the driving force of Conceito, with a hands-on attitude, a quick responsiveness, a keen eye and a sharp sense of humor.

Terroir is a somewhat elusive concept, but it contains indelible characteristics. For us, the terroir begins to be defined at the altitude of our vineyards and our winery. Conceito has 86 hectares of vineyards. All are farmed organically, without the use of pesticides or herbicides. The vineyard is located in the Teja Valley, one of the coldest microclimates of the Douro. 86 hectares divided into 5 different quintas. Acquisition began in the 1940s, restructuring and planting is still ongoing.

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