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The Axuria suckling lamb from the Pyrenees with its exceptional taste quality and other legendary advantages takes a top position, far from mass consumption. In butchers, restaurants and selected delicatessens, great value is placed on this meat.


In terms of consumption, the Axuria suckling lamb from the Pyrenees offers the advantages of seasonal products which, as the name suggests, are rare, genuine and not necessarily cheap. Axuria suckling lamb means maximum enjoyment from November to July.

Very popular with gourmets and neo-gourmets

However, the "fashion" consumers are fewer in number than the true connoisseurs, the traditional gourmets. The lean, tender, white meat is a treat for all, and its succulent, extremely delicate flavor is certainly less pronounced than older lambs.

Many advantages for quality-conscious professionals

Grilled, roasted or braised, Axuria suckling lamb from the Pyrenees can be used in many dishes. Whether it's French, Mediterranean, Nordic or Oriental, consumers will always like it. This is a decisive, also material advantage for chefs and quality butchers.

Meat yield 84%

This all becomes even more interesting when you consider that the carcasses and quarters of Axuria suckling lambs are easy to process with little waste: 16% on average.

Fixed seasonal price

The retail price of Pyrenean Axuria suckling lamb is set at the beginning of the season and remains unchanged. The Axuria cooperative includes around 350 breeders from the Soule Valley in the Basque Country and no more than 50,000 lambs are marketed per season.


Boeuf Blonde d'Aquitaine The quality of the AXURIA Blonde d'Aquitaine meat breed has always been recognized by professionals in the sector. The loyalty of our customers is the sure proof of the care we take to supply them with the best quality.
At AXURIA we offer our customers meat from well-proportioned animals; this promises a very good yield (75% meat for consumption) and meat with an incomparable taste for grilled and roast dishes that will delight your customers' palates.
(The percentage of grilled and roasted meat is almost 60%)

quality meat

AXURIA's Blonde d'Aquitaine meat breed is a meat with organoleptic qualities appreciated by connoisseurs. Gastronomy critics emphasize the tenderness of the meat, its taste, its fine structure and marbling, signs of a very high quality.
It is therefore no coincidence that AXURIA Blonde d'Aquitaine meat is on the menu of renowned restaurants. Our delicious meat, with the degree of tenderness you require, is also ideal for celebratory meals.

A unique rearing method

The animals of the AXURIA Blonde d'Aquitaine beef breed are raised in the valleys of the Pyrenees, in a rich natural environment with exceptional flora. This allows our meat to develop that flavor that other types of meat don't have.
The simple and traditional method of our breeders, and the individual care and support that the animals experience also contribute to the fact that the AXURIA meat retains its unique character. Try our meat and you will enjoy a piece of the diversity of our region...IDIKIA: THE PEAK OF BEEF PLEASURE

Blonde d'Aquitaine beef cattle are raised in the Soule Valley in the Basque Country; this rearing has always been the main activity in our valley. The richness of our land, the perpetuation of ancestral traditions by our breeders, such as keeping the animals on mountain pastures during the summer and individual attention to the herds, give IDIKIA meat a taste recognized by the best butchers and cooks.

The processing

In order for our meat to retain its original flavor, the animals are slaughtered and butchered "on site" in the Soule region in our slaughterhouse in Mauléon (64). The slaughterhouse has rooms with the latest equipment and is subject to strict controls.
From the rearing in the valleys of the Pyrenees to the slaughterhouse of Mauléon, the AXURIA cooperative guarantees you optimal rearing and production methods for the refinement of the meat we offer.
The slaughtered animals have an average weight of 500 kg; AXURIA's Blonde d'Aquitaine meat breed is available in several variants, cut up and packaged. Just get in touch with us if you would like to know more about our product range.

An adapted maturation process

The maturing period of the slaughtered animals depends on your specifications and the desired degree of tenderness. Tell us your wishes, we are happy to fulfill them.


Veau Blonde d'Aquitaine At the AXURIA cooperative, we are not satisfied with offering you what is probably the best Blonde d'Aquitaine beef, we also offer Blonde d'Aquitaine veal. AXURIA Blonde d'Aquitaine Veal is of exceptional quality, with pink flesh, appreciated by professionals in the catering and butchery trades.
The slaughtered animals have an average weight of 150/160 kg. AXURIA's Blonde d'Aquitaine Veal is also available in different versions, cut up and packaged. Just contact us, we will be happy to tell you the product range and the prices.

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