Das war die Festa Portuguesa – unsere erste Hausmesse mit 3 jungen Winzern aus Portugal! - Maître Philippe & Filles

That was the Festa Portuguesa - our first in-house fair with 3 young winegrowers from Portugal!

A small in-house exhibition took place at Maître Philippe & Filles on October 16th and 17th. Under the title "Festa Portuguesa" we invited 3 of the most exciting young winemakers from Portugal to Berlin: Rita Marques Ferreira, Luis Louro and Antonio Madeira. We wanted to offer our customers the opportunity to get to know the wines of the three in a relaxed atmosphere. The weather was on our side, the shop was full and the atmosphere was great, the customers were enthusiastic, the winegrowers were satisfied and of course we were too!

But instead of wasting too many words, let's just let the pictures do the talking...

Thank you again to everyone who attended and helped make the 2 days an unforgettable experience! And for everyone who missed the party: it certainly won't be the last time, because we already have a lot of new ideas...!

In this sense: au revoir et à bientôt chez Maître Philippe & Filles!

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