Photo competition "Easter holidays with Maître Philippe et filles”: and the winners are ...

Many thanks to everyone who took part in our Easter photo competition, to all photographers and everyone who diligently voted! You made us laugh and put us in a good mood and it was great to get a little insight into your Easter holidays. We hope you had as much fun with the promotion as we did! At least that's what it looks like in the photos.

Our Facebook fans have now chosen the three winners from all the photos sent in:

1st place goes to Andrea Adler and her beautiful photo from the sunny forest somewhere in Brandenburg... With 26 votes she is clearly ahead and wins the gift basket worth 75 €.

Second place goes to Rike Gröner and her airy photo with the bouncing bag – Easter in Lao :) With 23 votes she secures the gift basket worth €50.

3rd place goes to Carsten Bäumler and his beautiful photo with the Bacalhau picnic bag from the apple tree meadow in the Rhön. With 17 votes he fished the gift basket worth 25 €.

Many thanks to all other participants for your participation! You can also admire her pictures here:

Easter at home - also quite nice :) with Ina Krzyzewski

Photo: Ina Krzyzewski

Joona relaxes in Sineu (Mallorca) and has everything in view from the white sofa. Photo by Anja Schnitzewitz

Photo: Anja Schnitzkewitz

Easter in the garden, tone on tone and wonderfully spring-like. Photo by Sara Hofmann

Photo: Sara Hofmann

A bike ride at Easter is always possible! Photo by Andrei Shafranek

Photo: Andrei Shafranek

As you can see, our bag travels a long way - even as far as Laos at Easter! Photo by Roman Sebastian Janke

Photo: Roman Sebastian Janke

The first asparagus - yes, it's finally spring! Photo by Nils Thomsen

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