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Dear customers, très chers clients,
the last days of December are always a good reason to look back on the past year. The same for us - especially when the year has produced so many new and exciting things like 2014.

First of all, something new for the range: For example, the canned fish from Portugal that we have established in the meantime. Whether it's the original collections from Miss Can or the tuna products from the sustainable manufacturer Santa Catarina from the Azores... Both contribute to the fact that the back area of ​​the store, our "canned paradise", is always more colorful and diverse.

These not only pretty, but also all-round good products are souvenirs from a research trip to Lisbon that Philippe, Anaïs and Noémie undertook in January.

Philippe, Anaïs and Noémie Causse in Paris. Sial 2014 Then in October, at the famous SIAL food fair in Paris, the three of them were able to make further contacts with long-established canned fish manufacturers.

We are all particularly pleased about the resulting cooperation with the Conserveira Pinhais - a family business with a long tradition, which deep-frys the freshly caught fish before canning it and marinates it in high-quality olive oil from its own mill. This is remarkable given that most other Portuguese fish canning companies buy ready-made cans and only do the packaging and marketing.
The Conserveria Pinhais, on the other hand, "accompanies" the fish from the sea to the can and thus has a much greater influence on the freshness of the raw material and the care taken in processing.
We carry the company's highest quality brand: Rios; By the way, my personal favorite tins because of the wonderful historical colors and design!

4 cans of Rios sardines from Portugal And we not only carry these in the Berlin store, but of course also in the online shop.
Noémie took over this in March and is now looking after and designing it with a great deal of commitment and an eye for detail.
'Maître Philippe' became 'Maître Philippe & filles' this year!
The online shop now has a new, fresh look and offers plenty of background information on manufacturers and products, just take a look .

And since June I've been part of the team to provide further support and I'm very happy to be able to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. The team, the customers and the wonderful products made it easy for me to feel completely at ease with Maître Philippe et filles right from the start!

Theresa Malec at maître philippe & filles

For me, the special thing about the store is the successful mixture of the tried and tested and the openness to new ideas.
Philippe founded the shop at Emserstraße 42 back in 1994. So this year was actually the 20th anniversary, which we naturally wanted to celebrate.
And we then duly toasted the existence and further development of Maître Philippe et filles with you!

Whether it's the flattering duo Chaource & Crémant, the canned fish tastings, the mature mountain cheeses with fresh Grenoble walnuts or our sumptuous Saturday breakfast - we as a team had a lot of fun entertaining you and celebrating together with you!

The team 2014 maître philippe & filles

Comté Extra at maître philippe & filles

Breakfast at maître philippe & filles, butter, jams

On this occasion, thank you again for your numerous appearances and your diverse contributions (flowers, brioche, apple strudel, drawings and poems...) - it was a pleasure!

A highlight in the anniversary program for us was the Cheese in Markthalle IX at the beginning of November:
a colorful cheese market, actually more of a cheese festival with diverse actors and even more diverse artisanal cheeses!
In the wonderful setting of the historic market hall in Kreuzberg 36, we were able to use a beautiful, large stand and had plenty to do.

(Group photo from Cheese: © Garçon magazine)

Cheese 2014 in Berlin

Cheese stand maître philippe & filles

Anaïs and Noémie Causse at Cheese 2014

Our booth at Cheese 2014, Siege!

Philippe Causse at Cheese 2014

Jens and Theresa at Cheese 2014

To our delight, we were assisted by Marc Birkett from Paccard , our affineur and specialist in Savoy cheese.

Marc Birkett at Cheese 2014

In addition to Reblochon, Manigodine, Abondance and Beaufort, we also had other specialties at our stand: the now almost legendary, matured mountain cheeses from our friends Thomas Breckle and Martin Rößle, who carry out unique mountain cheese selection and maturing work under the title ' Jamei '.
Fortunately, we will now be able to offer these delicacies regularly:
in December we started a very enjoyable cheese exchange program with the two of them (Beaufort against Mängisch & Co.).

Manisch, at Cheese 2014

And because we still feel like celebrating even after the anniversary program and there are always reasons to toast to life beyond anniversaries and public holidays, we have also come up with something for the new year. You will of course find out more about this shortly.

I wish you a pleasurable and lavish New Year's Eve celebration, come into the new year in high spirits and hopefully with good cheese!

best regards and see you soon,

Theresa Malec and the whole team of Maître Philippe et filles!

Bonne Année 2015 by maître philippe & fille's team

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