Collection: Atelier du Sel-Morel et Le Chantoux

It is impossible to imagine gourmet cuisine without it, Fleur de Sel sublimates the simplest or the most refined dishes and meals: fish, Meat, vegetables, raw vegetables but also sweets such as melon, pineapple, baked apple or caramel cream...

The fleur de sel is created by the offshore or onshore evening breeze and forms a very thin veil on the surface of the salt flats. With a lot of love, these fine crystals are skimmed off every day by the salt farmers, the so-called Sauniers. It is a natural product that is very dependent on wind and weather and is therefore particularly noble and valuable.

Salt has been part of our daily diet for thousands of years.
Eating good salt is important for health, the environment and our taste buds! Artisans work alongside independent salt workers in the exploitation area. Our salts are processed in a gentle and respectful way to preserve the raw state of the crystals formed in the salt pans. We are certified Nature & Progrès, an agricultural model alternative to agribusiness, capable of preserving the natural fertility of the soil, guaranteeing farmer autonomy and healthy nutrition for everyone.

We are Gilles Morel (uncle) and Matthieu Le Chantoux (nephew), independent Paludiers Producteurs-Récoltants. We are based in the Guérande salt marshes, our salt pans are in the municipality of Assérac and our workshop is in St-Molf. The salt and fleur de sel de Guérande that we offer you are the tender fruit of the ocean, the sun, the wind and the ancestral know-how of the salt workers and are harvested by hand. Our fleur de sel, gently plucked from the water's surface, and our gros sel are unwashed and untreated and drip naturally onto our salt pans. As independent salt farmers, we pay particular attention to the quality of our products, which do not undergo any mechanization to preserve the structure and taste of a natural salt.

The Fleur de Sel de Guérande, which we gently pick from the surface of our clay tanks every summer, is the object of all the picker's attention. The fleur de sel's whiteness and quality depend on the precision of its gesture. It consists of fine white crystals and is only produced in small quantities. Since the crystals are not ground or washed, they retain their natural wealth of trace elements. The incomparable taste of the Fleur de Sel de Guérande and its smoothness are particularly appreciated by gourmets and star chefs.

Manufacturer's address: Atelier du Sel-Morel et Le Chantoux, 9 Impasse de Breniguen, 44350 Saint-Molf, France

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