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Garlic and sardine bruschetta with cilantro and Sauternes

Actually, there is little more exciting than the combination of flavors that don't seem to go together at first glance... And there's so much to discover!

Once exotic combinations such as Roquefort and pear, salty caramels or roast with chocolate sauce are now classics. But the combination of a sweet dessert wine with a very spicy amuse-bouche is still rather unheard of.

The Berlin star chef Christian Lohse, regular customer at Maître Philippe et filles and former chef de cuisine at the Fischers Fritz restaurant in Berlin's Regent's Hotel, recently gave us a fantastic tip and revealed one of his quick recipes that we tried immediately: Garlic sardines Bruschetta with coriander. And with it a sweet Sauternes-style wine, such as the Jurançon moelleux from Clos Lapeyre , which you can get from us.

The recipe is very simple:

Take a good piece of bread – preferably a good crusty bread with a crunchy skin and a soft center – roast it until it’s really crispy, rub it with garlic (e.g. fresh pink garlic from Lautrec ), mash the sardines on top with a fork, serve some olive oil , some pepper and coriander on top and you're done.

Add the well-chilled Sauternes and the taste explosion is perfect!

Bon appétit et merci beaucoup, monsieur Lohse!

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