Les Filles gehen online. Télé Gourmet mit Maître Philippe & Filles. Käse richtig schneiden. - Maître Philippe & Filles

Les Filles go online. Télé Gourmet with Maître Philippe & Filles. Cut cheese properly.

Have you ever experienced that intercultural differences arose on the cheese platter and a dispute broke out about how to cut the cheese correctly? Of course, there's no absolute right or wrong about the whole thing, but we'll explain how it's done in France and what the French think when they don't slice their cheese. One could also speak of a mere formality, because the rules for the correct cutting technique result from the shape of the cheese. In this short film, we explain what you have to consider. Have fun!

All facts at a glance:

  • Which knife you use for which cheese is determined by the consistency of the cheese in question:
    > Use a cheese cleaver for hard cheese.
    > Soft cheese and blue cheese are best cut with a classic soft cheese knife with the characteristic notches, because the cheese does not stick to it so much.
    > For all other cheeses we use a long, slender knife with a smooth blade.
    > At home you are well served with a practical all-rounder such as the so-called office knife from Opinel . This cuts all cheeses.
  • In general, the shape of the cheese dictates how it is cut. The aim is to cut equal pieces so that each cheese can be tasted in its entirety, i.e. from the rind to the heart.
  • So you don't cut the famous Camembert into slices, but into cake-shaped pieces. So everyone who eats it gets the same amount of bark and heart.

And now have fun practicing and munching!

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