Les Filles gehen online. Télé Gourmet mit Maître Philippe & Filles. Die perfekte Käseplatte - Maître Philippe & Filles

Les Filles go online. Télé Gourmet with Maître Philippe & Filles. The perfect cheese platter

Have you always wondered what is important when putting together a cheese board? Then you don't have to wait any longer: in this short film we'll tell you the best tips and tricks for the perfect cheese platter :

All facts at a glance:

  • From our point of view, a cheese board looks best when it consists of an odd number of cheeses. In our opinion, 5 is the perfect number, but of course 3 or 7 also works. It also looks nicer if you take fewer and larger pieces than many small ones.
  • We always make sure that all the important types of cheese are represented, ie a hard cheese, a white mold cheese, a red cheese, a blue mold cheese and a goat's cheese.
  • Accordingly, our perfect cheese platter consists of the following varieties:
  1. Comté , a nutty mountain cheese made from raw cow's milk that everyone really likes.
  2. the classic among white mold cheeses: Camembert de Normandie . Alternatives are the more elegant Chaource or a piece of Brie.
  3. of the Époisses , as a red-smeared man.
  4. the Roquefort , our absolute favorite among the blue cheeses. It also consists of sheep's milk and therefore this type of milk is also represented.
  5. the Sainte-Maure de Touraine as a representative of the slivered goat's cheese. The black, ashed rind is a nice pop of color on the cheeseboard, and the cheese is a nice, mild balance to the stronger cheeses like Camembert and Époisses. Alternatives are the Selles-sur-Cher or the Valençay .
  • Since probably not all guests know how to cut the respective cheese correctly, it is advisable to pre-cut a few sample pieces. Each with heart and bark (see video). Under no circumstances should you pre-cut the whole cheese, otherwise it will dry out or spread out.
  • And one more very important note at the end: cheese tastes best and develops its full aroma when it is at room temperature. It is therefore very important to get the cheese out of the fridge in good time. Depending on the outside or room temperature, about an hour in advance.

And now have fun putting together your individual cheese platter and of course tasting it!

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