Cut cheese correctly: always with heart and rind!

Käse richtig schneiden: immer mit Herz und Rinde! | Maître Philippe & Filles

Cut cheese properly

  • In gastronomy, a separate knife is used for each group of cheeses . You don't have to be so strict about it at home... but that's up to you. It is recommended if you want to avoid herbs or red smear affecting the taste of the next cheese .
  • The respective cheese shape determines the cutting method.
  • Cut equivalent pieces where the cheese can be tasted in its entirety, i.e. from the rind to the heart. The rind tells a lot about the history of the cheese and is part of the tasting. A bare cube of cheese remains anonymous.
Subject bark: a matter of taste
  • In principle, natural bark can be consumed. It is often the rind that largely determines the character of the cheese. But: there are no rules here. Taste the cheese dough pure and with the rind and decide for yourself whether the rind is a taste enrichment for you.
  • In the case of very mature cheeses or rinds that have been decomposed by mites, we recommend removing them thinly before consumption.
  • For a special taste experience, you can taste the cheese dough pure and with the rind and decide for yourself whether the rind enhances the taste.

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