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New Jams from Trinquelin

Even if you wouldn't immediately suspect it: the production of really good jams has something in common with alchemy and requires a special dedication. The most important thing is the ratio of fruit and sugar, in which the sugar should play a subordinate role.

Too much sugar often conceals inferior fruit and levels the taste, but the true star of the jam is clearly the fruit, which must therefore be of selected quality. "Plus de fruit - moins de sucre" (more fruit - less sugar) is therefore also the motto of "La Trinquelinette" and is emblazoned on each of their labels.

"La Trinquelinette" is a small jam manufacturer based in Trinquelin, a tiny village in Bourgogne, with whom we have been working since autumn last year.

The small company was founded in 1978 by Bernard Berilley, a 68-year-old who initially worked as a vegetable farmer, but then discovered his passion for good jams and started a small production in his birthplace: in 1982 the total production was 2,000 jars, today it is 200,000 per year.

However, it was a long way to that point: in order to achieve the best possible quality, Bernard had to experiment for a long time - the first attempts were still of very variable quality. But he did not let himself be dissuaded from his vision and continued until the result met his requirements. Bernard carefully selects the fruits for his jams, because they are the basis of the later product. They must be neither too ripe nor too sour. Preserving must also follow certain rules: with "La Trinquelinette" this means that the fruits (in a ratio of 55% fruit to 45% sugar, possibly with a little pectin) in small copper kettles with a capacity of only 72 kilos are briefly boiled and then Cook for a maximum of 5 more minutes. In this way, the jam has a minimal concentration of sugar, while the fruit can retain its full aroma and, above all, its very special characteristics. The result: all "La Trinquelinette" jams contain more fruit than sugar, which gives them their special taste.

The range currently includes 20 - 25 mostly single-variety varieties, because, as should have become clear by now, Bernard is a passionate fruit gourmet with a penchant for preserving the unadulterated aroma of each variety.
Incidentally, the citrus fruits are still peeled by hand and a third of the peel is left on the fruit. This gives all of the company's citrus jams a very special bitter-sweet taste.

Little by little, word got around about the quality of "La Trinquelinette" and the jam is now being exported to the USA and Japan. But "despite" the great success, Bernard insists on not turning his small company into a large industrial machine. His greatest focus is and remains the first-class quality of the fruit and its careful processing.

What we all particularly appreciate here at Maître Philippe is that the jams really taste like fresh fruit and even reflect their consistency: the wonderful green rhubarb jam has the typical longitudinal fibers without tasting fibrous, the pear stands out Pieces that have retained their typical pear-like krissel crumbs, blackberries and cassis , this fruity black gold, enchant with a fine grain that is reminiscent of the original fruit and revive childhood summers with smeared red mouths ...

So far you have had the opportunity to try the four varieties of pear , bitter orange, rhubarb and the classic apricot , with which we dared to start the test. And it seems we've got your taste buds too, because the first delivery is already sold out!
And so we are pleased to be able to present the following new varieties to you as of today - in addition to the already known ones: cherry , red vineyard peach , cassis , wild blackberry , mirabelle plum and blood orange .

So then: Have fun trying it out!

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