Ratafia de Chardonnay Hors d'Age

If the word "ratafia" makes you think of old black and white French movies starring Lino Ventura and Jean Gabin, it's probably because you've never tasted a ratafia yourself.

The Ratafia Champenois,  an alcoholic drink, slightly sweet, with a low alcohol content (around 18%), is the fruit of an ancestral know-how. It was first made in the 13th century - the French still love it today. And you will probably soon too!

Its intensely fruity aromas, due to the use of must from the final pressing, combine to create an original and delicate taste that can be enjoyed on many occasions: as an aperitif or as a digestive at the end of a meal. With foie gras or certain types of cheese, with dessert or with fruit... try what you like. You will quickly discover that harmonious aromas are not subject to fashion.

Unfairly confused with cooked wines, Ratafia Champenois is the result of a blend of Champagne grape must and Fine Champenoise and steadfastly holds its place in Champagne's gastronomic pantheon. Since 2015, Ratafia Champenois has had an AOP designation, giving legitimate recognition to this delicate product.

  • Alcohol: 18% vol
  • Grape variety: Chardonnay
  • Content: 50 cl.
  • Terroir: Côtes des Bars
  • Aging: 10 years in oak barrels
  • Contains: sulphites

    The Moutard champagne house has been in the family for several generations since the 17th century. It is set in picturesque countryside on the sunlit slopes of the Côte des Bar, in southern Champagne. The soil of the Côte des Bar, which consists of clay and shell limestone, gives the traditional grape varieties of the area, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, particularly full and fruity aromas, which are very appreciated by connoisseurs.

    All Moutard wines and champagnes are made from their own grapes or from grapes bought from friendly winemakers. So that the champagnes are perfectly mature and can be enjoyed straight away, they mature in the cellar for at least three years, with the vintage champagnes it is ten to fifteen years.

    The history of the Moutards begins in 1642. Old winery books document these early activities as winemakers, on which the family tradition is based. The production of champagne is the fruit of a true tradition and each family develops its own techniques over time, which it constantly improves.

    Manufacturer's address: Champagne MOUTARD Père et Fils, 6 Rue des Ponts, 10110 Buxeuil, France

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    Moutard Diligent Wein 50 cl Flasche Ratafia de Chardonnay Hors d'Age Maitre Philippe et Filles

    Ratafia de Chardonnay Hors d'Age

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