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Autumn salad with Stichelton, hazelnuts and apple

This recipe is based on a recipe by British cooking sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley (also known as Hemsley & Hemsley ), who in turn were inspired by a well-known classic, the Waldorf salad . The combination of chicory, apple, celery, hazelnuts and blue cheese immediately appealed to me - because you can always get me around with apple, nuts and cheese ... and not only in autumn! However, right now all these ingredients are really in top form and the combination of cheese with hazelnuts - a dream! – is perhaps not as well known as the combination with walnuts, I thought it was about time to introduce it to you here.

Instead of the Stilton used in the original recipe, we use our even more fantastic Stichelton - the original Stilton made from raw milk, so to speak. And instead of the "Cobnuts" native to England, we naturally use our wonderful Piedmont hazelnuts of the "Tonda Gentile" variety from the Azienda Papa dei Boschi.

Ingredients for 2 people:
For the mustard dressing:
Autumn salad with stichelton
  1. Mix all the ingredients for the dressing in a deep bowl.
  2. Hand tear the leaves off the chicory into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Cut or pluck the cress from your bed and place in the bowl with the dressing. Now cut the celery stick into small pieces.
  4. Core the apple and cut it into thin slices.
  5. Place everything in the large bowl, including the cranberries, and carefully fold the salad into the dressing until well combined.
  6. Put the salad on a plate. Crumble the Stilton on top and garnish with the hazelnuts. You can also gently roast the hazelnuts in a pan until they darken and their delicious aroma fills your whole kitchen. However, since the nuts are already roasted by Josè Noè, this step is not necessary.
  7. Enjoy ... Bon appétit!

This mix of crunchy, juicy, savory and sweet is really fun! The cress brings a peppery-spicy note that delicately balances the sweet cranberries and the fruity acidity of the apple, while the mustard dressing with the fruity note of the cider vinegar feels like a balm that wraps around everything and all the flavors are still there brings out better. The absolute crowning glory is of course the creamy-spicy stichel tone and the wonderfully aromatic hazelnuts with their fine nougat aroma and their nice crunch.
Conclusion: not only a colorful feast for the eyes - but overall a salad with an extremely high addiction factor!

Wine recommendation: We recommend the Côtes du Rhône Blanc from the Château de Saint Cosme : a beautifully light, typically southern French wine that simply goes with everything and forms a great contrast to the sweetish salad. Full of minerality, freshness and finesse, with cheerful aromas of mango, papaya, lemongrass, pineapple and honey. The bottle for €12.95, the box of 6 for €73 .

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