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Menu facile - a quick menu for days when we just don't want to be in the kitchen

Stimulated by our customer Ursula B., who summed up the advantage of the Emiettés so beautifully - " Simply delicious, cook the noodles, put in the fish, stir, done!" - this week I felt like conjuring up a very quick, healthy, delicious menu that would be perfect for days when we just don't want to be in the kitchen.

The days are finally getting longer, the evenings milder, sometimes we just don't want to bother with complicated preparation steps. The rosé has already been chilled, visitors are waiting on the balcony... Or the whole weekend is unplanned and with a promising blue sky ahead of us and we spontaneously feel like having a picnic in the countryside: today's "serving suggestion" is also perfect for this - because you can of course eat all of this cold!

Instead of a clever recipe, today there is "only" a kind of "serving suggestion" or instructions for "delicious feasting without much effort" ... Let's go!


  • Pasta (or rice, depending on your mood)
  • Emiettés to taste (delightfully aromatic fish preparations with marinade in numerous different flavors from classic to exotic, from spicy to sweet and oriental ...)
  • Lettuce, like tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, whatever comes to your mind...
  • an almond cake from Provence
  • Crème épaisse or crème fraîche
  • a fresh, light rosé or another refreshment of your choice
  • good mood and appetite

Quick Menu - Ingredients for the main course

Quick menu - ingredients for dessert


  • Cook pasta or rice and wash lettuce.
  • Open the Emiettés and pour over pasta, rice or salad. Mix well or not.
  • Serve, enjoy. To do this, open the rosé. Mmmmmmm...!
  • For the dessert: open the Amandier and optionally warm it up briefly in the oven. Serve with a little or a little more crème épaisse/fraîche. You can also garnish the whole thing with some fruit - depending on what you feel like.

Fast menu

Easy as pie, right? So save your undeniably exceptional cooking skills for another occasion and instead grab your picnic blanket or accompaniment of choice and this time indulge the simple way. Bon Appetit!

- - -

It's such a thing with the Emiettés... what's that called? Emie what? And how is that even pronounced? And then again canned fish? But if you dare to try the colorful canned food with the funny name, you will fall in love immediately - at least that's what happened to everyone I know. Emietté comes from the word "miette", French for crumbs. This is indicative of the method of preparation, as for an Emietté, the fish is broken up (into crumbs) and mixed with a tasty marinade. The result is a really delicious, succulent mixture of fish pieces and sauce, in which all the ingredients can still be tasted in their own right - unlike, for example, a pie or terrine. They work wonderfully for appetizers on toasted bread or, like here, as a sauce substitute and fine topping for salads or pasta.

For the pasta, I chose the Emiettés sardines with aubergine and garlic (on the left in the picture) and tuna à la Luzienne (with tomato, Bayonne ham and Piment d'Espelette , on the right in the picture).

For the salad, I was in the mood for something exotic and fruity and decided on the Emietté of tuna à la Marie-Galante (with peppers, coconut, lime).

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