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Trip to Galicia - October 2018

Almost exactly a year ago, my wife and I were in Porto and decided to visit our seafood supplier Ramón Peña in Galicia. It's not far, about 200 km to the north, in Galicia (Spain).

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We drove comfortably along the coast via Viana do Castelo, then by ferry from Caminha to Spain and further via Vigo, Pontevedra to Cambados in the Rias Galegas, exactly in the Ria Arosa.

Cambados, Galicia, Spain

There are many seafood canning factories there, but the Ramón Peña factory is unique in terms of the quality and processing of the products, as well as the respect for hygiene, which is particularly important with seafood.

Wall of scallops

We had an appointment and we were expected the next day. The visit was very interesting because we have been working with Ramón Peña for a long time, but we only knew them from fairs in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Cologne. We were and are enthusiastic about the products, but seeing how everything works explains a lot about the top quality that is produced there.
We took a guided tour of the factory, which is relatively small. Everything is thought out down to the smallest detail in order to optimize the efficiency of the work and also to offer the workers a pleasant workplace. Some of them are already working there in the 2nd generation.

Ramon Pena factory

To define Ramón Peña one could put it this way:

A tradition born from the understanding and experience of the unique sea. Generations of professionals who have put their hearts and souls into appreciating the richness of the Galician rias (estuaries), valued throughout the world. The craftsmanship that has been cultivated for centuries also stands for quality and excellence.

Sardinas Xoubas Ramon Pena

The history of Ramón Peña dates back to 1920. A small cannery in Galicia started making canned fish and seafood. She controlled the quality from the origin of the raw materials to the manufacturing processes.

Boneless sardines Ramon Pena

The passage of time has reinforced the philosophy of continuous improvement with the aim of conserving the best of the sea in Ramón Peña cans. Today, these values ​​are embedded in the company's DNA, which continues to grow and bet on Galicia and its gastronomic culture.

All products come from the Galician estuaries, the richest and most popular fishing area in Spain.

The Rías Baixas are considered to be one of the most biologically diverse marine ecosystems on the entire planet. The unique physical structure of the estuaries is very valuable, making its waters suitable enclaves for the growth of seafood and various species of fish.

We tried a lot, talked a lot and also drank a little wine - and - we immediately expanded our range with a few products. We particularly liked the sardines Xoubas and the Zamburiñas (scallops) in sauce. The zamburiña belongs to the scallop family.

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