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Ode to Roquefort

I know it always sounds funny, but it's been like this since I was a child: Roquefort is my absolute favorite cheese - the love of my life when it comes to cheese.


I like to eat it straight when I need a salt and flavor kick - because yes, it is incredibly aromatic and probably not for those who dare to be cautious when it comes to pasta with Gorgonzola cream sauce... If not me alone or among my own kind and therefore have to be a bit more civilized, I also smear it on my bread as an exception. Then preferably with a layer of mildly salted raw milk butter underneath.

The nice thing about Roquefort: it not only convinces with its taste, but is also something for the heart. We supposedly have a love story to thank for its creation. And it goes like this: Once upon a time there was a young shepherd. He was traveling with his herd in the mountains around the southern French village of Roquefort sur Soulzon in southern France. Then, further down in the valley, he saw a fair maiden coming along the path. She was probably on her way to her grandmother's with cake and wine in her wicker basket. Oh no, that's another story... Anyway, our shepherd was instantly hit by Cupid's arrow, abandoned his flock and went after the lady. But before he completely lost his head, he quickly stowed his provisions bag with some rye bread and feta cheese in a grotto.

When he returned days later he was terribly hungry. In the end he had probably only lived on air and love... So he hurried into the grotto, where he found his provisions, but in a pitiful state: cheese and bread were covered with blue mold all over. Since every child knows not to eat moldy bread, he threw it away with a heavy heart, but dared to try the cheese. And then like me he melted away and forgot the damsel. From now on there was only room in his heart for blue-moulded feta cheese!

Incidentally, the blue mold of the Roquefort has the same name: "Penicilium Roqueforti"! A beautiful name, isn't it?

How can I best describe my lover? A healthy complexion is not necessarily one of its main characteristics. Instead, he shimmers pale white-green-blue and is always a bit sweaty. But that doesn't detract from his charm, because that's exactly how I love him. Its white parts are snow-white (in contrast to the more yellowish Bleu d'Auvergne) and its blue parts are blue-green and slightly furry. It is nutty and buttery and slightly salty with a pleasant light sheep aroma and its consistency is moist and creamy. Due to its spreadability, it is also suitable for school sandwiches. No joke: I went to school with Roquefort bread. And I still had friends! Most of the time nobody wanted to swap places with me...

cheese board

Roquefort should not be missing on any cheese board. Otherwise, it goes well with pear and walnut and can be wonderfully paired with sweet wines, such as a Sauternes . Or, and now it's getting really classy, ​​with port wine , sherry or madeira . Mmmm...

Roquefort has at least 52% fat in dry matter. 100 grams contain 355 kilocalories and 31 grams of fat, of which 20 grams are saturated. If we then add the raw milk butter and the wine to the equation, we're probably going to explode. But luckily that doesn't matter here. The result of my equation is: 100% enjoyment, 100% love, 100% happiness.

With this in mind: bon appétit!

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The Roquefort made from raw sheep's milk is available from us for €3.57 per 100 grams .

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