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The Captain and his Vineyard: The Herdade do Portocarro

The "Herdade do Portocarro" winery is located south of Lisbon, in the district of Alcácer do Sal, surrounded by olive groves and paddocks, in the middle of a fertile and idyllic area where the ancient Romans grew wine, which is proven by the find of old coins and wine amphorae . Administratively, the property belongs to the region of the Setúbal Peninsula, but geographically it is in the Alentejo.

The climate here is warm to temperate Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters, characterized by the proximity of the sea and which is reflected in the exceptional quality of the wines.

Herdade do Portocarro, Workers at the Vine

Herdade do Portocarro, Fog in the Vineyard

The Herdade consists of an 18 hectare south-facing vineyard and a rice field, directly on the Sado River, where biodynamic rice cultivation is practiced, which is sold under the name "Loverice" in gourmet shops throughout Europe.

Rice fields


The project was founded in 2003 by José Abreu da Mota Capitão, who quickly gained national and increasingly international recognition for his visionary work. In 2016 he was named "Portuguese Wine Producer of the Year" by the renowned Portuguese wine magazine "Wine - Essencia do Vinho".

Jose Abreu da Mota Capitao

José, also known as Pepe or Capitão (Captain), works with old, almost extinct indigenous as well as classic local grape varieties and also likes to experiment with traditional winemaking processes, such as e.g. B. the fermentation of the grapes in barrels made of French oak. In doing so, he follows a philosophy that relies on the exclusive production of high-quality wines in limited quantities. Integrated crop protection without human intervention ensures that the wine can express its full potential.

The result is innovative, balanced and elegant wines with their own unique and versatile personality, which are firm and earthy and are also characterized by an exceptional freshness. In short: wines that impress and inspire, wines for the cultivated and discerning connoisseur who seeks and loves the difference.

Grapes from the Herdade do Portcarro

Sunset on the Herdade do Portocarro

By the way: The name "Portocarro" is made up of "Carro" (Portuguese for "car"), the name of the highest mountain in the region, and "Porto", a small jetty that has marked the landscape for centuries. This dates from the time when transport was still mainly carried out by boat.

Address: Herdade do Portocarro, Sao Romão do Sado, 7595-033 Torrão, Portugal


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