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Les Confitures de Raphael

Raphael and Cedric, a family history.

Confitures de Raphaël

The story begins with Raphael returning to the Saint Malo area where his grandparents live. Here he first tried his luck as an organic farmer when, one cold winter evening, he was accidentally introduced to the secrets of jam production. He is immediately fascinated by the alchemy that takes place when the fruit meets the sugar in the saucepan. The decision was made quickly: Raphael lays down the hard work in the field in order to devote himself to his new passion in the cozy and sweet atmosphere of a kitchen, which will soon be transformed into a small jam factory.
Raphael is an optimistic person with a bright smile and a small handicap: he is deaf. But it is this combination with which he quickly wins the people of Saint Malo over to himself and his cause: he receives a few valuable pieces of advice from a neighbor, an old, well-kept family recipe from another... And then the time has finally come: under the watchful eye of his grandmother, the first jars of jam see the light of day.
Even his first creations are amazingly flavorful and carry the full aroma of fresh fruit. Now there is no holding back: without further ado, the grandmother's kitchen is converted into a laboratory in which Raphael works on refining his production technique. His goal is a radical reduction in cooking time for maximum fruit quality. This quality - coupled with the beautiful labels hand-drawn by his aunt - seduces customers in droves.
And then the story of the grandmother and her deaf grandson spills across the pond and Raphael's jams conquer the American market.
A new chapter in the story began in 2005: fresh out of university and enchanted by the magic of this craftsmanship, Raphael's younger brother Cedric decided to join the family business. Together, the brothers decide to move their manufacturing facility to Saint Coulomb, a small town between Saint Malo and Cancale.
Although the location is new, the process has always remained the same: only the best fruit is selected and only the finest copper kettles are used. The deliberately short cooking time and a certain dexterity ultimately guarantee the very best quality.

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