Krosses Brot und cremiger Ziegenfrischkäse: zwei Pop-Up-Kooperationen mit Lieblings-Kollegen - Maître Philippe & Filles

Crispy bread and creamy goat cheese: two pop-up collaborations with favorite colleagues

We all know that you really don't need anything more to go with good cheese than really good bread. Maybe our sinfully good raw milk butter fits between this dream pair, but you really don't need more for complete happiness.

Since our shop always has a certain level of humidity for the sake of the cheese, but this is not so good for the bread, bread is not part of our regular range. To the chagrin of some customers, of course we know that.

And so we are particularly pleased that we have found a bread that withstands our special microclimate well: we are talking about the fantastic bread from The Bread Station in Kreuzkölln. It's nice and juicy on the inside and fantastically crispy on the outside and: we have it every Friday and Saturday from now on!

Bread from The Bread Station

The bread is baked with a lot of care and love and only from the finest ingredients by Danish baker Magnus in his bakery on Maybachufer. It is free of yeast from natural sourdough, which is based on a pre-dough made from rye flour. This is caused by natural yeasts that live on rye grains and start to ferment as soon as they come into contact with water. To get a good sponge, you need to let the grains ferment for at least 24 hours, but Magnus lets his sponge ferment for three full days. Maybe that's why his bread was recently voted the best bread in town by the food blog Stil in Berlin . And it also explains why "pure wheat bread" always contains about 5% rye.

Since the bread should always be fresh and we don't want anything to go to waste, we only order a manageable number of loaves from Magnus Bakery, so we have to be quick (or call) because when it's gone, it's gone.

Goat cream cheese from Rögnitz on bread from The Bread Station

The creamy goat's cheese from Rögnitz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which we now also offer regularly, is a wonderful addition to the bread. It is made by the cheesemaker Ute, who is behind Kunst & Käse , from the milk of 100 goats. We already had it last year and because we just think it's so good, we're just going to continue this year. At the end of April it had its debut as part of our goat cheese tasting. You had the opportunity to buy it neat or to taste it dressed - once savory with confit tomatoes and rocket, once sweet with Corsican clementine jam and basil. Maybe you remember...

Zigen cream cheese from Rögnitz

We are so enthusiastic about both the bread and the cheese that we are very happy that we can offer you both in our shop and we are looking forward to your opinion!

Since we can only offer limited quantities of both products, it is advisable to arrive in good time or to call ahead. You can reach us at 030-88683610.

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