Tomato and feta cheese dip and wild garlic pesto with hazelnuts

Tomaten-Schafskäse-Dip und Bärlauchpesto mit Haselnüssen | Maître Philippe & Filles

Spring is here! Time for fresh recipes and bright colors! After the last sumptuous, hearty dishes of winter, we now feel like something light. And by that I mean the preparation.

We looked around the store and just got inspired. The result was two recipes for a spring-like, aromatic lunch or an uncomplicated dinner including an aperitif: a tomato and sheep's cheese cream that goes fantastic as a dip with raw vegetables or crackers (starter / aperitif) and a seasonally inspired pesto made from wild garlic, Parmigiano Reggiano and Hazelnuts (main course). A culinary encounter between France, Italy and Germany. Apparently, international understanding also goes through the stomach...

Tomato Sheep Cheese Dip:

In this country you can get really tasty tomatoes that are worthy of their name, yes only very limited. So it's a blessing that Marc Peyrey not only uses his drying machine for dried fruit, but also conjures up dried tomatoes with it. These are, without a doubt, the best semi-dried tomatoes we know: they are first peeled - that's what makes them so particularly delicious - then gently dried and marinated in delicious olive oil with aromatic herbs. Truly paradise. And it's all about these tomatoes in this dip, which tastes very good with raw vegetables or crackers.

Tomato dip in bowl


  • 180 g Pétales de tomates (semi-dried tomatoes in herb oil)
  • Pérail (a small, melty sheep's cheese that we have in the shop. You can also substitute feta or another sheep's or goat's cheese)
  • Allspice d'Espelette
  • Tomato oil

Wild garlic pesto with hazelnuts:

Of course we could have just made classic pesto with basil, but wild garlic is sprouting everywhere and if you ever have the chance to change classics seasonally with local ingredients, then that's somehow even nicer. You can get it at the market, at your greengrocer and even in some supermarkets. Or they go into the forest and pick it there. Then wash twice as well! We have replaced the usual pine nuts with our Piedmont hazelnuts. And simply because. You don't need good reasons for these nuts, they are the reason.

Wild garlic pesto


Put the ingredients together in a bowl and blend well until you get the consistency you want. Finished!

Serving suggestion:
The tomato dip is excellent with raw vegetables, such as celery, cucumber or carrot sticks, and of course with crackers (e.g. the delicious Basque crackers that we sell in our shop).
Of course, the pesto goes well with pasta in a classic way, but is also ideal for hearty canapés. You can, for example, spread the pesto on toasted bread and place a sardine on top.
Another original tip: if you make hummus yourself, you can season it with wild garlic pesto, which gives it a nice garlic note.

Tomato dip and crackers

Pasta with pesto and decoration

appetizer and main course

Quick recipe for homemade hummus with wild garlic pesto:
Blend the pre-cooked chickpeas (you can also get them in jars or cans), the water from the chickpeas and a small sip of milk. Season to taste with salt, pepper, Piment d'Espelette, lemon and wild garlic pesto. Finished!
This recipe does not require any additional oil as the pesto is already very oily.


Our wine recommendation: The Mira em Buscelas Arinto 2016 by Nuno Mira do Ó from Dão, Portugal. An elegant wine with an invigorating dynamic, fine, profound notes and an animating mineral freshness that you would love to open up every day.

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ALL INGREDIENTS AT A GLANCE can be found here .

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