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Duck greaves with Brussels sprouts and orange

A wonderfully autumnal dish - hearty, salty, earthy and fruity at the same time. This Brussels sprouts salad with filleted oranges, walnut oil and fried duck greaves is prepared in no time at all and tastes wonderfully aromatic, full and refined. I'd like to be able to do something.

Ingredients (for 4 people/starter)
1 jar of Vidal fritons de canard
2-3 handfuls of Brussels sprouts
2 oranges
Leblanc walnut oil
some pepper
Possibly Grenoble walnuts for decoration

Fry the greaves with the fat in a pan until crispy. Halve the raw Brussels sprouts and remove the stalk. Roughly separate the individual leaves from each other (does not have to be leaf by leaf). Remove the greaves from the pan and sauté the Brussels sprouts in the remaining fat. Fillet the oranges. When the Brussels sprouts have the desired bite, drizzle some walnut oil into the pan, add the greaves and season with pepper (salt to taste, because the fritons bring salt with them). Serve the whole thing with the orange fillets. If you have and want to, add a few walnut halves as decoration.

Bon Appetit!

Duck greaves with Brussels sprouts and orange - the ingredients

Duck greaves from Vidal

Duck cracklings with Brussels sprouts in the pan

Duck cracklings with Brussels sprouts

Duck greaves with Brussels sprouts and orange

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