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Being there is everything: grape harvest in the Douro!

In September 2019 we, my wife and I, were in Porto and visited some winemaker friends. Because of the grape harvest, we were immediately harnessed.

First we visited Márcio Lopes, our supplier of the Vinho Verde “Pequenos Rebentos”. In the Douro Valley, near Peso da Regua, Márcio has his second mainstay and presses Douro wines of the brands "Proíbido" and "Permitido".

In the production of the red wine “a capella” we helped to destem the Tinta Amarela grapes by hand. Márcio calls this wine “a capella” because every step is done by hand, i.e. without machines: stemming, pressing with the feet in lagares.
It was a fun day's work with family, friends and us, punctuated by a sumptuous lunch tasting all of Márcio's wines.
Márcio turned this working day into a celebration for everyone.
PS: Many of Márcio's wines are now in our portfolio

sort a cappella Marcio Lopes

a cappella from above Marcio Lopes

Marcio Lopes Keller

Marcio Lope's collage

In the evening we drove towards Mogadouro in Trás-os-Montes. There we had an appointment with Fred Machado from Saroto the next day. We were there in the morning and were allowed to climb straight into the Lagar for the first pressing of the Sarato Tinto 2019. This technique (pisar á pé) is ancient and very precise. "Today we're just pressing ankle deep," said Fred.
Tomorrow he would continue to press up to his calves, and probably to his knees the day after tomorrow. Our work was finished, so to speak, and we had a little snack in the kitchen (almonds from grandmother's garden and a bottle of red wine from Aline Dominges - Menina de Uva).
Here you will find the wines of Saroto , Arribas Wine Company

Fred Efi Philippe Saroto

Fred Philippe Lagar Saroto

Then it was back to Porto.

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