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Tiago Sampaio is a passionate and innovative winemaker who founded his own winery in Oregon in 2007 after completing his PhD. During his time in the US, he developed a deep admiration for Pinot Noir and upon his return to the Douro region of Portugal decided to plant this delicate and fresh Burgundian grape variety in 2001. This experience shaped his own style of winemaking.

Luckily, Tiago's family owned vineyards in the higher-altitude areas of Favaois, known for their production of aromatic Moscatel wines, which are traditionally offset for the DOC Moscatel do Douro. Tiago exploits these vineyards by growing his vines at altitudes of 500 to 700 meters. His vineyards are made up of a combination of old mixed hereditary vines and newly established plots where he is experimenting with varietals such as Alvarinho and Tinta Francisca.

In addition to his own winery, Tiago also works as a consultant at Aphros, a leading biodynamic producer of Vinho Verde wines. He is strongly committed to sustainable viticulture and the production of natural wines in the Douro region. Tiago has made a name for himself as an expert in Pet Nat wines, a style known for its natural and sparkling qualities. His dedication to pushing the boundaries and commitment to eco-friendly practices make him a respected figure in the winemaking world.

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