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Why should you consider wild meat?

In addition to its unique taste, game meat is known for its high nutritional values. It is low in fat - even lower in fat than plain yogurt - and rich in important minerals such as phosphorus, iron and potassium, with a low sodium content.

These qualities come from the natural diet of wild animals, which feed on foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as berries and nuts.

From an ecological perspective, wild meat offers significant advantages. It has a carbon-neutral balance because wild animals live in harmonious ecosystems that naturally compensate for their emissions.

In addition, the consumption of game from sustainable hunting – as practiced in France – promotes the conservation of wild animal populations and their habitats and thus supports ecological balance.

Venandi products, which specialize in sustainably harvested game, reflect these principles.

So consuming wild meat means choosing a diet that is both nutritionally beneficial and ecologically responsible.

Venandi Gibier - natürlich wild - Maître Philippe & Filles

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