Tsunami Chili Sauce - ultra hot - strength 12/12

HOT 🌶️ 🌶️ 🌶️

100% Cru Armageddon chillies from French cultivation, pimped in the Martin version with homemade chili extracts.

It took the Martins three years to concoct this insane sauce for those looking for a challenge!

An experimental and explosive journey for your taste buds - expect your mouth to burn for a good 5 to 8 minutes. You can't say we didn't warn you...

As always, each sauce recipe is the result of long work on taste. Like all other sauces, this one is no exception and will surprise you with its incredible fruitiness in the mouth... until you bite!

Warning: Use with caution and consume in moderation. There are those who want to... AND THOSE WHO CAN!

  • Attention, ultra sharp
  • Strength 12 out of 12
  • 1,000,000 degrees on the Scoville scale

Ingredients: freshness Armageddon chillies from France (40%), water, sugar, salt, Chili extracts , stabilizer: xanthan gum

Nutritional information per 100g

  • Calories: 271.3 Kj / 64.1 Kcal
  • Fat: 0.2g
  • Of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g
  • Carbohydrates: 13.9 g
  • Of which sugar: 12.9 g
  • Protein: 0.9g
  • Salt: 1.7g

Store dry and dark. Product from France.

Maison Martin is the young story of 3 cousins, Jean-Baptiste Martin, Anna Martin and Benjamin Martin who founded this small manufacture.
They want to share their love of chili, from the fruity to the unbearably dangerously hot. The journey can begin!
The chillies come from farms in the southwest of France and the varieties have their origins from all over the world, such as Habanero, Naga Jolokia or California Reeper...
A trip around the world for your taste buds through the organoleptic qualities of this unrecognized fruit!
Only the best fully ripe chilies are selected and they are fermented in barrels - like wine!
After maturing for several months, the chili purees are prepared by the chefs and bottled.
The collections consist of "pur cru" sauces or flavored crus.

The sauces are only slightly sweetened and contain just enough vinegar to ensure a balanced flavor and a long shelf life.
The philosophy of the Maison Martin is to stay as close as possible to the fruit in order to be able to easily diversify the possible uses.

Jean-Baptiste Martin is a chef graduated with a major from the École Supérieure de Cuisine Française Ferrandi Paris and has been cooking for 25 years. He learned his craft from star chefs in France, traveled the Pacific as an onboard chef, set up his pots in California before returning to Paris.

A graduate of the École Supérieure de Cuisine Française Ferrandi Paris, Anna Martin, the Chefe has worked in France and California in gourmet restaurants, some of which have been awarded a Michelin star. In 2007 she co-founded Cuisine Coup de Coeur, a cooking school for the general public.

Benjamin Martin did his business administration studies and then a short detour into the cosmetics industry. He was then involved in the national and international development of a start-up in the fashion industry. When he got the entrepreneurship bug, he wanted to get into his favorite field: food!

The History of the Chili Pepper.
The chilli pepper originally comes from Central America, more precisely from Bolivia, where traces of it were found more than 9000 years ago! Thanks to the birds, which did not feel its pungency, it spread very quickly throughout the South American continent.
Only much later did it reach Europe, where it was brought back by Christopher Columbus in 1493 after the discovery of the "New World". However, the European aristocracy spurned the fruit.
The same discoverers brought them to India, where the already very spicy cuisine of the chilli pepper brought immediate success due to the numerous types of pepper.
It reached Asia and Africa via the Silk Road and revolutionized culinary traditions there.
Today it is one of the most widely grown and consumed spices in the world. Whether fresh, dried, as a powder or in sauces - its uses are endless!
Extraordinary virtues:
Chili contains a lot of micronutrients!
Be it the vitamins: A, C, K, E, B3, B6, B9.
or the minerals: iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese. It also contains capsaicin, the molecule that gives spiciness its power.
It plays a role in satiety, is a powerful weapon against cardiovascular disease and has antibacterial properties.

Manufacturer: Maison Martin, 6 rue James Linard, 78220 Viroflay , France

sales unit: Bottle 100ml
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Maison Martin Feinkost Flasche 100ml Tsunami Chili-Sauce - ultra-scharf - Stärke 12/12 Maitre Philippe et Filles

Tsunami Chili Sauce - ultra hot - strength 12/12

Bottle 100ml

Maître Philippe & Filles Hauptladen

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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