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Tsukudani - Kombu Royal and Yuzu Kosho

Tsukudani - Kombu Royal and Yuzu Kosho

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Kombu Seaweed Tsukudani with Yuzu Kosho is a flavor developer with a sweet Japanese aroma. It's the power of royal kombu combined with the freshness of citrus yuzu and the spiciness of two chillies, one green and one red.

This tsukudani is rich in umami, the well-known fifth taste of Asian cuisine, making it a recipe that's both addictive and gourmet at the same time!

Adds depth to a broth or soup, refines a fried or poached egg. Ideal base for marinades, also goes well with cream cheese.

After opening: keep 4-5 days between 2 and 6°C.

Free from dyes, preservatives or other chemical additives.

    Brittany sea

    The seaweed in this recipe: Kombu Royal(saccharina latissima):

    This large, shapely laminaria seaweed is wild harvested but also grown on sea farms.
    Their color is brown, sometimes green when salted.
    Their textures are: crunchy seaweed, sometimes chewy, though
    thick, tender at the thinnest edges when raw.
    When it's cooked, it's more melty: it varies depending on the cooking time, the longer the better.
    Its flavor has a strong iodine flavor when raw, but when cooked it reveals all its delicacy with hazelnut aromas. It tastes sweet and balanced, umami.

    Ingredients & Allergens

    Kombu Royal (Saccharina latissima) 42%, Brittany origin, sugar, soy sauce (water, soybeans , sea salt, alcohol, Aspergillus orizae), water, apple cider vinegar, red yuzu kosho 1.8% (yellow yuzu, sea salt, red chili), green yuzu kosho 1.6% (green yuzu, sea salt, green chili).

    nutritional values

    Nutritional information per 100g

    Calories: 652 Kj / 154 Kcal
    Fat: 0.7g
    Of which saturated fatty acids: 0.1 g
    Carbohydrates: 35.1 g
    Of which sugar: 33 g
    Protein: 2.9 g
    Salt: 1.8g


    Bord à Bord, the gardeners of the seas.

    Bord à Bord collects and processes edible seaweed from Brittany.

    The wild seaweed is picked on foot by fishermen in Roscoff. Some fishermen choose to access the harvest area by boat. This is also an easy way to get the culture to its destination.
    Bord à Bord is based in Roscoff on one of the largest seaweed fields in Europe.

    The seaweed is then tumbled in three large seawater vortices, paying attention to the texture and flavor of the seaweed. In a combination of salt and cold storage, the algae are refined and stored for several months.

    Drying takes place at low temperatures. Every week, the salted seaweed is immersed in seawater and desalinated. As a result, they regain their original, slightly salty taste and develop their unique aroma.

    Manufacturer: Bord à Bord, ZAD de Bloscon, 29680 Roscoff, France


    The seaweed confits from Bord à Bord are real flavor developers.

    A concentration of flavors for these three recipes, inspired by cuisine from here and elsewhere, to be used as a condiment or culinary aid.

    The Roscoff onion confit with kombu royal seaweed and pink berries is a gourmet recipe with a very local identity.

    Breton Tsukudani of Kombu Royal and Roasted Sesame is inspired by an ancient Japanese recipe that enhances the dishes it accompanies.

    Its variation with Yuzu Kosho in turn brings freshness and sharpness.

    Cooking with seaweed is child's play with our range of spices. Amaze your guests by accompanying your dishes with these Breton seaweed spices that will take your taste buds to the ends of the world!

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