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Trio of oysters from Galicia by O Submarino

Trio of oysters from Galicia by O Submarino

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This canned variety is also attractive for those who have not been brave enough to enjoy a fresh oyster.

It is the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy this wonderful seafood without the risk of poisoning from eating raw oysters.

The collection contains one can each:

If you are looking for an easy way to enjoy the intense flavor of oysters, these Galician oysters are for you.

Just open the can and enjoy this delicious delicacy without the risk of experiencing a bad oyster.

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O Submarino Gourmet is a Spanish company specialized in high quality delicatessen products. They use only the best ingredients from the sea and the land and process them with artisan methods and traditional recipes. The staff has years of experience and passion for haute cuisine, resulting in a product of the best quality and taste. The canned products of O Submarino are exclusive and incomparable, since they are made with the best seafood from the Galician estuaries and a traditional preparation.

Producer: O Submarino Alta Conserva, Sl, Plaza de San José, 6, 36830 A Lama, PONTEVEDRA, Spain


Oysters from Galicia are known for their exceptional quality and special taste. The region of Galicia in northwestern Spain is rich in coastal waters that offer ideal conditions for growing oysters. Here the oysters are carefully handpicked and sorted to guarantee their freshness and quality. The combination of the salty sea water and the ideal temperatures results in a special taste and aroma that makes oysters from Galicia unique.

Oysters in Galicia are mainly farmed in the estuary bays on the coast of Galicia. These bays provide ideal conditions for oyster farming as they provide clear and clean water, mild climate and rich sources of nutrients for the oysters. The geographical location and geological structure of the Galician coast also contribute to the region's popularity as an oyster farming area.

The oysters are farmed like mussels. The process is known as oyster farming or "Ostreiculture". The larvae are usually released into a controlled environment and reared on a substrate such as algae. The oysters then stay in the facility, the batea, until they are big enough to be sold to the market. Environmental conditions such as temperature, salinity and water quality are closely monitored to ensure the oysters are healthy and safe for consumption.

Oyster farms in Galicia are located in the waters of the Atlantic coast of north-west Spain, mainly in the Ría de Arousa and the Ría de Vigo. These regions are known for their productive oyster beds and favorable conditions for oyster growing, such as clean water, favorable water temperatures, and strong currents that provide the oysters with an adequate amount of food and oxygen. Oyster farming in Galicia is often carried out as part of aquaculture projects, where young oysters are bred and raised in special sites before being placed in the seas where they can grow into adult oysters and be harvested.

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