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Olives Cailletier from Nice

Olives Cailletier from Nice

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The Cailletier olive is only grown in southern France, in the Alpes-Maritimes region, north of the beautiful city of Nice. That is why they are also known under the name "Niçoise". It can't be missing in the Salade Niçoise either!

The Cailletier olives are relatively small, oval and, depending on the degree of ripeness, are medium green to dark. The taste is aromatic with a quite bitter note. A small olive of great quality!

Did you already know?
What is the difference between black, green and purple olives?
It is always the same fruit but at different degrees of ripeness.
The green olive is actually not yet ripe, but has reached its final size. It is harvested before ripening begins. The black olive is fully ripe on the tree and the purple olives are right in between. Their color spectrum goes from dark green to pale pink to dark violet.

If the olives are harvested fully ripe, the oil is very mild, if they are still a little unripe, the oil can be very aromatic. Try the mild olive oil made from Cailletier olives here - one of our top sellers!

Note: as the olives are not pasteurized, a fine white layer may form on the surface after opening. This does not mean that the product has spoiled, it is a natural process. You can just skim off the layer.

    Ingredients & Allergens

    Ingredients: Cailletier olives

    nutritional values

    Nutritional information per 100g

    ⁕ Calories: 534 kJ / 130 KCal
    ⁕ Fat: 14 g
    ⁕ Of which saturated fat: 1.42 g
    ⁕ Monounsaturated fatty acids: 8.14 g
    ⁕ Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 1.62 g
    ⁕ Carbohydrates: 0 g
    ⁕ Of which sugar: 0 g
    ⁕ Protein: 0.92 g
    ⁕ Salt: 0.86 g


    The history of the House of Alziari begins when Nicolas Alziari bought a dilapidated oil mill in the heart of Nice. After an extensive restoration, the son of a simple washerman begins to produce high-quality olive oils. The only olives available are cailletier, the only variety that grows in the area. However, in order to set itself apart from its competitors, Alziari remembers a method that is also known from winemaking: the blending of different varieties to create a cuvée that combines the best properties of different flavors. And so he travels across Europe in search of varieties that harmonize well with the local, very mild Cailletier olives. Alziari has been working on the perfect blend for several years, but the effort was worth it: the name Alziari still stands for first-class olive oils with an incomparable taste. Gradually, the business picked up speed and Nicolas' sister Pauline came to her brother's aid and from then on took care of sales while Nicolas managed production. After the death of the founder in 1955, his son Ludovic took over the business and sales is soon taken over by Pauline's son, Jean Nègre. Today the company is run by the descendants of Pauline's family. The name remains and so does the promise of quality.

    Alziari, 14 Rue Saint-François de Paule, 06300 Nice, France


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Dagmar K. (Solingen, Germany)
    Oliven aus Nizza

    Einfach nur lecker!

    Bettina B.
    5 star

    Alziari Olivenöl

    Sylvia G.
    Alles prima gelaufen

    Sehr feines Olivenöl! Lieferung einwandfrei

    Dietmar H.

    Eine genussreiche Bereicherung unseres Abendbrots

    Thomas L.
    klein und intensiv

    Ja die Oliven sind tatsächlich zum Teil sehr klein, manchmal nicht viel größer als eine Rosine. Das macht aber nichts und "konzentrierte Oliven" beschreibt es bestens.

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