Doravante Bairrada

For warm summer evenings to grill with friends!

All those who prefer red wine to white wine and unfortunately usually have to switch to other drinks in summer because of the heat, will be very happy about our Doravante. It is a beautifully cool, light red wine that is nevertheless deep and full-bodied. Fresh tones of ripe raspberries can be found on the nose and the taste of the wine is reminiscent of pomegranate and wild berries, but also has herbal and slightly spicy notes.

Translated, "Doravante" means something like "from now on". With his partner João Soares, Nuno Mira do Ó would like to break up the old structures of Portugal and produce wines that are light, elegant and of very high quality in contrast to the heavy musclemen. For this reason, they have planted vineyards in the Bairrada region, an exciting area whose microclimate and soil can produce precisely these types of wines.

The two indigenous grape varieties , Turiga nacional and Baga , are the jewels of Bairrada. In order to get the best out of them, Nuno let them continue to “macerate” in the wooden vat for a month after fermentation. The special thing about it: Over the entire period, the grapes were neither crushed nor was the juice overflowed, which are normal processes for red wine production to extract color and tannins. A refined recipe for a wine that is full-bodied but still has a lot of freshness and lightness.

We are excited!

Enjoy it slightly chilled, for example for a barbecue. Also goes very well with red smeared and matured (hard) cheeses.

  • Vintage: 2015
  • Varieties: Baga, Touriga National
  • Alcohol content: 12% vol.
  • Production area: Bairrada
  • Terroir: Deep clay rock with lime deposits
  • Contains sulphites

The story of Nuno is similar to the story of many young talented Portuguese oenologists with a vision and a dream. He belongs to the first generation in Portugal who have learned winemaking, the so-called oenology, and who see their country as a kind of playground.
Salazar's dictatorship "frozen" the country for several decades, leading to national bankruptcy and eventual Troika control. But the Portuguese are fighters and freed themselves from this unsatisfactory situation on their own.
When it comes to wine, the country has hardly specialized in the many internationally successful, mostly French grape varieties, but concentrates primarily on its own countless autochthonous grape varieties. In fact, Portugal has the largest selection of autochthonous grape varieties in the world. This is exactly what Nuno and his partner are interested in.
Vineyards in the Dão

Together with João Corrêa he worked for several years as an oenologist for the Companhia das Quintas until one day he met João Soares from the Caves Messias. Together, the two decided to make a red wine from the Baga vine in Bairrada and that is how the project, or rather the Alías wine, was born. They then decided to make a white wine from the Encruzado vine in the Dão, the Druid. Both wines are so-called "Garage Wines", which are produced in very small quantities.
With the Mira, Nino wants to show the potential of the terroir of the Bucelas region and the Arinto grape. A nice coincidence that Nino's last name is Mira do Ó and "Mira" translated into German means "to show". A very apt play on words for this naming.

Manufacturer address: V Puro Lda. Rua de Santo António, 148, 3050-322-Mealhada, Portugal

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Doravante Bairrada

Doravante Bairrada

Bottle 0.75L

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Customer Reviews

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clive n. (Lindau, Germany)
Usual excellence !

### One of the best red wines for taste and value currently available. Worthy of repeat repeat repeat !

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