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The value of mackerel since Roman times

Mackerel is one of the most popular fish in the eastern Atlantic, from the British Isles to the coasts of North Africa.

The island of Escombreras in Cartagena takes its name from "scomber scombrus" because in ancient Rome it was one of the main export markets for garum , the mythical Roman sauce made primarily from mackerel.

This sauce was considered a luxury delicacy and was also made in the wealthy Baelo Claudia, 22 kilometers from Tarifa. It was made from the intestines and blood of mackerel and other fatty fish that were pickled in brine, soaked in the sun, and stirred frequently daily until they became liquid. It is known that even then, doctors recommended the consumption of garum for its nutritious and health-promoting properties.

In recent years, thanks in part to the popularity of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, mackerel has gained a high status in gastronomy.

The Andalusian mackerel, the "Scomber Colias" , is a much appreciated fish native to this area. It can be found all along the Andalusian coast, and since its migratory route, diet and water temperature in which it lives are completely different from those of the Northwest Atlantic mackerel, its texture and taste are also different.

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