The Best Spots For French Foodies In Berlin

The Best Spots For French Foodies In Berlin | Maître Philippe & Filles

Chauvinistic or not, every single French person or Francophile will start to miss French food at some point. They cherish their cheeses and their mandatory glasses of rosé for apéro.  A French foodie is pained to find the price of their favorite Brie jacked up in foreign supermarkets or an indelible part of their afternoon goûter woefully absent in their new land. For those missing home or just perhaps their favorite cuisine, there are many French food havens in Berlin despite its penchant for currywurst and all things potato. Indulge the nostalgia at one of these Francophile gems. Bon appétit!

Maître Philippe & Filles

For the Best Beurre Salé

Every truly French person will probably have eaten salted butter spread on a slice of crunchy baguette at some point in their lives.  And it is in remembering this moment that they miss France so much. If you’re homesick for this heavenly treat, then you should head to Maître Philippe & Filles and try out their ladle-molded salted butter, coming directly from Normandy. Their salted butter will make you feel transported back to France.


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